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600 Series Educational Programs

600 Series

Educational Programs

600 Goals and Objectives of the Education Program

601.1 School Calendar

601.2 School Day

601.3 Types of School Organization

601.4 Scheduled Staff Development Days

602.1 Curriculum Development

602.2 Curriculum Implementation

602.3 Curriculum Evaluation

602.4 Graduate Follow-Up Survey

602.21 Student Handbooks

603.1 Basic Instruction Program

603.1-R1 Elementary Curriculum

603.1-R2 Jr. High School or Middle School Curriculum

603.1-R3 Senior High School Curriculum

603.2 Summer School Instruction

603.3 Special Education

603.3-R1 Provision of Special Education Services

603.3-R2 Guidelines and Procedures for Special Education Services Within the Edgewood-Colesburg CSD

603.4 Multicultural/Gender Fair Education

603.4-R Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Sex or Handicap

603.4-E Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Sex or Handicap Form

603.5 Health Education

603.6 Physical Education

603.7 Career Education

603.8 Religion and Public Schools

603.8-R1 Religion and Public Schools

603.9 Academic Freedom

603.9-R1 Teaching Controversial Issues

603.10 Global Education

603.11 Citizenship

603.12 Co-Curricular Activities

603.13 Adult Education

603.14 Community Education

604 Alternative Programs

604.1 Private Instruction

604.1-E1 Competent Private Instruction

604.3 Talented and Gifted Program

604.4 Program for Students at Risk

604.5 Religious-Based Exclusion From A School Program

604.6 Instruction at a Post-Secondary Educational Institution

604.7 Dual Enrollment

604.8 Foreign Students

604.9 Home School Assistance Program

604.10 Online Courses    

604.11-Appropriate use of Online Learning Platforms

605.1 Selection of Instructional Materials

605.1-R Selection of Instructional Materials

605.2 Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

605.3-E1 Instruction to the Reconsideration Committee

605.3-E2 Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

605.3-R1 Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

605.4 Technology and Instructional Materials

605.5 Media Centers

605.6 Internet-Appropriate Use

605.6-R Internet/Technology Acceptable Use Policy

606.1 Class Size

606.3 Animals in the Classroom

606.5 Field Trips and Excursions

606.6 Insufficient Classroom Space

606.7 Homework

606.8 Outside Resource People

606.9 Shared-Time Staff

606.10 Shared-Time Enrollment

606.11 Musical Instrument Display Night

606.11-R Musical Instrument Display Night

606.11-E Musical Instrument Display Night

607.1 Student Guidance and Counseling Program

607.2 Health Services

607.2-R1 Student Health Services Regulation

608.1 Progress Reports to Parents

608.2 Testing Program

608.3 Permanent Records of Students

609.1 Public/Private Relations

609.1-R Public/Private Relations


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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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