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Ed-Co Vikes Athletic Booster Club

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Thank you for your support of the Ed-Co Booster Club!

Week 1 Pro Pick Winners! 
Tied for 1st with 129 points, $141.67 each
Michelle Brady, Edgewood, sold by Ellie Bockenstedt
Kevin Schroeder, Garber, sold by Brooke Amling
Kim Sullivan, Edgewood, sold by Kelsey Hansel
4th place with 124 points-Kelly Staner, Dyersville, sold by Emma Staner
Week 2 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st-Tony Hemann, Edgewood, sold by Riley Preuss
2nd- Lenny Phelps, Edgewood, sold by Greg Snook
Tied for 3rd and 4th- Haley Bergan, Edgewood, sold by Bailee Helle
Mary Kirby, Edgewood, sold by Lily Aulwes
Week 3 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st, 104 points- Becky Forkenbrock, Colesburg, sold by Mikayla Thein
2nd, 103 points- Dakota Funke, Greeley, Sold by Parker Rochford
3rd, 101 points-Brenda Vorwald, Edgewood, sold by Parker Rochford
4th, 100 points-Tom Zehme, Cedar Rapids, sold by Jeff Funke
Week 4 Pro-Pick Winners!      
1st-125 points, Jim West, Edgewood, sold by Kody Hoeger
2nd-120 points, Carol Timmons, Colesburg, sold by Alex Phelps
Tied for 3rd-119 points-
Josh Steger, Manchester, Sold by Carter Hillers.
James Rochford, Edgewood, sold by Pryce Rochford
Week 5 Pro-Pick Winners
Tie for 1st-117 points
 Tom Wessel, Edgewood sold by Natalie Wessel
 Katie Snook, Edgewood sold by Greg Snook
3rd-115 points, Leah Preuss, Edgewood, sold by Riley Preuss
4th-114 points, Eileen Anderson, Blaine, MN, sold by Lily Aulwes
Week 6 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st-107 points, Jim Funke, Edgewood, sold by Emma Saddoris
Tie for 2nd/3rd-105 points-
Sara Shampine, Colesburg, sold by Chloe Weipert 
Justin Halverson, Manchester, sold by Parker Rochford
Tie for 4th-102 points-
Sean Wood, Hopkinson, sold by Cameron Kirby
 Paul Lueken, Garber sold by Alexa Steger
Week 7 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st-121 points-Brooks Eglseder sold by Konnor Putz
2nd-116 points- Ben Putz sold by Konnor Putz
3rd-115 points-Jerod Perrinjaquetsold by Maddy Streicher
Tie for 4th-114 points
Tracy Schrader sold by Kelsey Hansel
 Kim Fensterman sold by Jordyn Fensterman
Week 8 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st-119 points, Jeff Niehaus sold by Parker Rochford
2nd-112 points, Brenda Palas sold by Dakota Hamann
Tied for 3rd/4th-109 points
 Lynn Fry sold by Albert Fry
Kayle Vorwald sold by Kelsey Hansel
Weeks 1-6 Cumulative Winner  Terry Moser​
Week 9 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st-108 points, Jodi Jones sold by Olivia Welsh
2nd-103 points, Justin Putz sold by Lily Aulwes
Tied for 3rd/4th-102 points
Lueken Lueken sold by Ava Steger and Doug Steger sold by Alexa Steger
Week 10 Pro-Pick Winners! 
1st-118 points, Kim Fensterman sold by Jordyn Fensterman
2nd-116 points, Joe Wilenbring, sold by Bo Kelzer
Tied for 3rd-108 points
Stacey Struble and Jeremy Hillers
Week 11 Pro-Pick Winners! 
1st-114 points, Jill Buschmann sold by Emma Saddoris
2nd-111 points, Ann Kluesner sold by Jack Wiskus
3rd-109 points, Randy Harbaugh sold by Bailee Helle
4th-105 points, Julie Wilson sold by Brooke Amling
Week 12 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st-118 points-Garnetta Dittrich sold by Analiese Clark
2nd-114 points- Barb Staton sold by Mikayla Thein
3rd-113 points- Jess Aulwes sold by Lily Aulwes
4th-112 points, Justin Curis sold by Emma Staner
Week 13 Pro-Pick Winners!
Tie for 1st/2nd-111 points
 Vicki Bond sold by Dakota Hamann and Jackie Johnson sold by Zoe Walz
Tie for 3rd/4th-108 points
 Jason Hoefer sold by Maddy Streicher and Jared Diers sold by Ellie Kirby
Week 14 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st-131 points, Kim Fensterman sold by Jordyn Fensterman
2nd-118 points, Mitch Hackbarth sold by Mike Lutgen
3rd-116 points, Roger Wright sold by Dakota Hamann
3 way tie for 4th-115 points
 Jenna O’Meara sold by Annie Hoffman
Doug Brown sold by Maddy Streicher
Tyler Payne sold by Walker Schulte
Week 15 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st-124 points, Sean Wood sold by Cameron Kirby
2nd-119 points, Ashleigh Krugersold by Hailey Rausch
3rd-118 points, Cindy Vorwald sold by Bo Kelzer 
3 way tie for 4th-117 points
 Mike Wilson sold by Sophia Wilson
Gary Jones sold by Olivia Welsh
Kay Jones sold by Ike Jones
Week 16 Pro-Pick Winners!

1st-111 points- Doug Brown sold by Maddy Streicher

3 way tie for 2nd-110 points
Tina Burcham sold by Alexa Steger
Marcus Zacek sold by Jake Jones
Barb Staton sold by Mikayla Thein
Week 17 Pro-Pick Winners!


Weeks 13-17 Cumulative Winner with pts!
Weeks 1-17 Cumulative Winner with pts:


Thank you for your support of the Pro-Pick fundraiser for the 2019-2020 NFL season! Thanks for your support of the Ed-Co Booster Club!





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