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COVID-19 virus Update April 17, 2010 2:30 PM

Update: April 17, 2020 2:30 PM

Well, Governor Reynolds announced schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year at her press conference on Friday, April 17th. My first thought goes to the Seniors of 2020.  We will be developing a plan in the next few weeks to honor and celebrate their accomplishments. My second thought is for everyone to continue to stay safe and remain healthy. 


The Ed-Co School District will continue to provide Voluntary Educational Enrichment Opportunities.  There is a wide variety of situations that affect each individual and each family. I would encourage families to take advantage of this time and increase your student’s knowledge and skill level. Time is something that you never get back. Our resource link will remain active throughout the summer, and students can work at a pace that fits their needs.  


Please continue to communicate with your teachers, coaches, counselors, and principals.  We are here to guide and challenge you to reach your fullest potential even in these challenging times.  If there are supplies, materials or other resources that would aid learning, please contact us.  


Schools are also required to develop a “Return to Learn” Plan. Depending on when restrictions are loosened or removed will affect some of these plans.  Will we have summer school? How much earlier before the original start day of August 24th can we begin? Probably more questions than true answers came out of today’s press conference but we will keep you updated as we move forward.


Since students still have personal belongings in the school building, a plan and schedule will be developed and shared so the student can pick those items up.  Depending on restrictions, this may not happen until late May or early June.  


The Grab and Go Combos (lunches and breakfasts) will continue. They are being served Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 12:30 in both Edgewood and Colesburg.  If you are interested in picking up meals, please contact Mandi at mpedretti@edge-cole.k12.ia.us


Thank you for your support of Ed-Co Schools.


Rob Busch, PK-6 Principal/Superintendent


Update: April 8, 2020 1:55 PM

Ed-Co Families,

Late last week, the director of The Department of Education presented a plan by the state where each school must choose how to educate students from April 13th and beyond. The Edgewood-Colesburg School District will NOT be providing continuous online learning that would require students to participate.  We WILL provide voluntary distance learning with engagement beginning April 13th from teachers. You may have been contacted already by some teachers about lessons and tasks to complete by students. A number of factors hinders us from attempting required education at this time. Required education for students is not a viable solution, including but not limited to the following reasons:


  • Internet Access
  • Access to a Technology Device
  • Access to an Adult Learning Coach (stay at home adult to assist in educational delivery)
  • Ability to accommodate and modify educational services for all types of learners
  • Families that are being treated or caring for someone with COVID-19
  • Teachers being treated for or caring for someone with COVID-19


We want to be clear. The last thing parents are expected to do is replace teachers. We know you already have work you need to accomplish and you’ve added caring for children to the load. What we want to continue to do is provide age-appropriate, high-quality resources, should you choose to have your student engage in learning activities online. These links/resources are meant to support, not burden, families. We hope you’ll browse through and see if there’s something that will meet the unique needs of your family and engage with your teachers if at all possible.

Some of you may be questioning how special education services are handled during this voluntary time as well. Required services as per the student’s IEP will not be followed during this voluntary online learning. Special education teachers will reach out to see where they can provide guidance, but will not be providing required minutes each week in any goal areas.

We also want to be clear that these learning activities are suggestions to help keep students engaged during the school closure. These activities will not be assessed or used as a measure of student learning. However, we want to provide you with some recommendations to help keep your children academically and intellectually active.

If technology is an issue with your family, please contact the district office at (563) 928-6411.

We are also, as a district, concerned about the mental well being of your student. There are many resources available. If you or your child need to talk with someone during this difficult time, please let us know and we can contact you with the appropriate resources. Teachers are planning to reach out to students in this regard as well.

Stay well,

Rob Busch, PK-6 Principal/Superintendent




April 4, 2020 8:55 AM

Good Morning,


We hope this message finds you healthy and well. We have been working closely with the Iowa Department of Education to follow guidelines for student learning. The Department recently provided guidance that allows us to move forward with offering learning opportunities for all students PK-12th Grade and more information will be sent to you in the coming days. On Thursday, April 2, 2020 Governor Kim Reynolds determined that it is in the public health interest of the state for Iowa schools to remain closed through Thursday, April 30, 2020.  


Iowa school districts may consider three approaches to the emergency closure. School districts are required to report which option, or blend of options, have been selected by April 10, 2020.  The three options are:


  • Schools Closed and No Services Provided
  • Voluntary Educational Enrichment Opportunities Provided
  • Required Educational Services Provided


We feel a responsibility to continue to support the learning and well-being of our students.   We don’t believe we would be able to make up all the time in June or July. Therefore, the district is considering the second and third options.  


We are facing unprecedented times, and we have done our best to navigate them well.  We are learning, and we will improve. I am incredibly grateful to our staff for their agility and dedication to students.  We are grateful to our students, families, and community for your partnership. We will use the new guidance from the State to make a decision about our service model.  We will inform the State of our decision by the required date and then update families.


Remember if you want to start picking up the Grab and Go Combos (lunches and breakfasts), they are being served Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 12:30 in both Edgewood and Colesburg.  If you are interested in picking up meals, please contact Mandi at mpedretti@edge-cole.k12.ia.us


Thank you for your support of Ed-Co Schools.


Rob Busch, PK-6 Principal/Superintendent


The Ed-Co Staff miss our students and families!  We hope this finds you doing alright under the circumstances. We are in this together and as a school district will do everything we can to help get through this situation.  

In these times something to consider from Jon Gordon’s “Stay Positive” book: 

Count your blessings. You can’t be stressed and thankful at the same time. 

  • See your challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • Don’t listen to your negative thoughts. 
  • Feed yourself with positive encouragement. 
  • Choose faith instead of fear.  

The Governor announced during her press conference on Thursday, March 26 that the school closure recommendation would stay in place.  Ed-Co CSD will remain closed through April 13th.  The district office is open for essential business only.  Please do not visit, instead call or email. 

When it comes to learning and increasing academic abilities, first and foremost, students should spend time every day reading and writing. Your student’s success depends on it.  In fact, research has shown that reading as the number one indicator for student success. So the most important thing to do is have your child read for at least 20 minutes every day.  If you don’t have access to books at home, there are multiple sites for online books that you can use.  

Teachers worked to whittle down the list, but there are so many great resources depending on each individual student’s needs.  More suggestions will be coming to you in the days and weeks ahead. Please remember these are just suggestions. Don’t let this add more stress to your life.   Feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher(s) for ideas as well. Teachers are still great resources while we are closed due to the coronavirus. Grade level Enrichment Opportunities will be emailed through the JMC (student management system).  Please contact your building principal if we don’t have your contact information.  

Grab and Go Combos (lunches and breakfasts) are being served Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 12:30 in both Edgewood and Colesburg.  If you are interested in picking up meals, please contact Mandi at mpedretti@edge-cole.k12.ia.us 

We all have a role in getting back to normal as soon as possible. Please follow the Iowa Department of Public Health and CDC guidelines so we can get our students back to school. 

Stay safe!



Update: Buildings will be open Wednesday, March 18 from 9-11 AM and 4-6 PM for students/families to pick-up belongings in lockers.  Please complete the survey on meals and technology. 

School closed through Friday, March 28 at least.  Trying to be optimistic.

Please watch for surveys on technology and meals.  Legislation is proposed that doesn't require hours/days to be made-up.  Working on methods to provide education and meals for families. 

Good morning! Last night’s late decision and notification mean that we don’t have school today, and I don’t anticipate we will again for a few days (I'm hoping not weeks).  Waiting for news about another press conference from the governor's office and information from the Iowa Department of Education.  

We are working to navigate through this uncharted territory and there are many more questions than answers – Do the days/hours have to be made up? What about parent-teacher conferences? Can we get into the buildings? Can we offer online learning for our kids? Will we be able to feed our kids? And many more.

I have been meeting with area superintendents electronically and will discuss with the district leadership to begin the process of working through some of the items and share information as it comes available.  Please watch for surveys to check with families to help guide district decisions.  

Custodians and central office staff reported to work today. Otherwise, students and patrons should plan on staying out of the buildings. I realize there may be personal items that people want to pick up. We will work to schedule times to do this but it may take a couple of days.  

Again, I hope to send out an update later today as I learn more. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

We are also putting together a list of online resources so students can continue to learn from home.  

Your Partner in Education, 

Rob Busch, Superintendent/PK-6 Principal

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