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Ed-Co Vikes Athletic Booster Club

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Thank you for your support of the Ed-Co Booster Club!

Week 1 Pro Pick Winners! 
                 1st - Cindy Zearley, Cedar Rapids, 130pts
2nd - John Nurre, St. Point, sold by Madison Nurre, 129pts
Tied for 3rd/4th: 
Lucas Payne, Guttenberg, sold by Walker Schulte, 122pts
Marilyn Sullivan, Edgewood, sold by Kelsey Hansel, 122pts
Week 2 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st - Randy Mescher, Edgewood, sold by Lily Aulwes, 113pts
2nd - Brian Wulfekuhle, New Vienna, sold by Alexa Steger, 110pts 
3rd - Flip Ondler, Cedar Rapids, sold by Jeff Funke, 102pts
Tied for 4th with 100pts:
Gene Schenke, Colesburg, sold by Kirstyn Payne
Steph VanGroll, Colesburg, sold by Mikayla Thein
Bev Hamann, Garnavillo, sold by Dakota Hamann              
Week 3 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st – Kim Willie, Strawberry Pt, 112 pts, sold by Kody Hoeger
2nd – Marin Gaul, Strawberry Pt, 106 pts, sold by Marin Gaul
Tie for 3rd/4th with 105 pts:
Calisa Jaster, Garber, sold by Spencer Staner
Jim Oelrich, Strawberry Pt, sold by Wyatt Rowcliffe
Week 4 Pro-Pick Winners!

      1st - Steve Zaruba, 131pts, sold by Annie Hoffman
2nd - Pierre Otto, Dyersville, 130pts, sold by Erica Voss
3rd - Dale Kluesner, East Dubuque, 127pts, sold by Mikayla Thein
4th - Mike Thein, Dyersville, 126pts, sold by Mikayla Thei


Week 5 Pro-Pick Winners
1st - Roxanne Al-Idani, Dundee, 127pts, sold by Wyatt Rowcliffe
2nd - Tina Burcham, Earlville, 122pts, sold by Alexa Steger
3rd - Mike Fannon, Edgewood, 120pts, sold by Madison Nurre
4th - Stacey Rentschler, Elkader, 119pts, sold by Parker Rochford
Week 6 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st - Bob Lange, Hudson FL, 125pts, sold by Ethan Staner
2nd - Barb Staton, Edgewood, 123pts, sold by Mikayla Thein
3rd - Joe Tibbott, Edgewood, 121pts, sold by Allison Tibbott
4th - Jeremy Arndt, Prole IA, 119pts, sold by Kelsi Askeland
Weeks 1-6 Cumulative Winner with pts!
Daric Bushaw, Palo IA, 609pts, sold by Jeff Funke


Week 7 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st - Logan Heims, Edgewood, 123pts
2nd - Randy Harbaugh, Edgewood, 122pts
3rd - Andrew Tibbott, Greeley, 121pts
4th Tie w/ 120pts
Shari Varner, Edgewood
Carl Scherbring, Colesburg
Week 8 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st - Tammy Funk, Elkport, 114pts
2nd - Spenser Smith, Waterloo, 113pts
3rd/4th tie with 108pts:
Gerald Kremer, Dubuque
Tony Boyd, Mechanicsville
Week 9 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st - Deb Besler, Epworth, 125pts, sold by Mikayla Thein
2nd - Steve Steinfadt, Colesburg, 124pts, sold by Parker Rochford
3rd - Georgia Kirby, Colesburg, 121pts, sold by Campbell Kirby
4th - Doug Steger, Colesburg, 119pts, sold by Ava Steger
Week 10 Pro-Pick Winners! 
1st - Stacey Struble, Strawberry Pt, 129 points
2nd - Jane Galliers, Defiance OH, 121 points
3rd - Joan Westhoff, Dyersville, 120 points
4th - Liz Jaster, Garber, 119 points
Week 11 Pro-Pick Winners! 
1st - Bob Schaffer, Greeley, 133 points
2nd - Lori Ries, Edgewood, 130 points
3rd - Jenny Thier, Dyersville, 128 points 
Tie for 4th with 127 points:
Allyson Snook, Edgewood
Jim West, Edgewood 
Jaxon Aulwes, Guttenberg
Week 12 Pro-Pick Winners! 
1st - Kelly Christian, Glasgow, KY, 130 points
2nd - Christy Braden, Colesburg, 129 points
3rd - Lori Ries, Edgewood, 128 points
4th - Merle Oberbroeckling, Colesburg, 127 points
cumulative weeks 7-12 winner with 654 points:
Randy Mescher, Edgewood
Week 13 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st - John Schechtman, Earlville, 116 pts
2nd - Jane Galliers, Defiance OH, 106 pts
3rd - Calisa Jaster, Garber, 105 pts
Tie for 4th with 103 points:
Angie Tibbott, Edgewood
Tyler McDowell, Edgewood
Week 14 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st - Tammy Kirby, Edgewood, 104pts
2nd - Jeremy Steger, Edgewood, 103pts
3rd - Janet Diers, Colesburg, 101pts
Tie for 4th with 97pts:
Marilyn Sullivan, Edgewood
Brian Wulfekuhle, New Vienna
Bob Schaffer, Greeley
Jeremy Steger, Edgewood
Week 15 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st - Tara Augustyn, Luxemburg, 104 points
2nd - Spencer Varner, Edgewood, 99 points
Tie for 3rd & 4th with 98 points:
Rod Voss, Edgewood
Mitch Hunt, Cedar Falls
Roger Arthur, Edgewood
Lee Horstman, Colesburg
Week 16 Pro-Pick Winners!

Tie for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd with 109 points:
Marilyn Sundermeyer, Edgewood
Marty Kelzer, Delhi
Kyle & Lacey Dennis, Stanwood
4th - Deanna Hansel, Edgewood, 106 points

Week 17 Pro-Pick Winners!

1st - Tim Kramer, Dubuque, 125pts
2nd - Stacey Rentschler, Elkader, 123pts
3rd - Sara Friedmann, Edgewood, 119pts
Tie for 4th with 118pts:
Lenny Phelps, Edgewood
Jim West, Edgewood

Weeks 13-17 Cumulative Winner with pts!
Mike Hansel, Edgewood, 450 points

Weeks 1-17 Cumulative Winner with pts:



Thank you for your support of the Pro-Pick fundraiser for the 2018-2019 NFL season! Thanks for your support of the Ed-Co Booster Club!





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