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Booster Club

Ed-Co Vikes Athletic Booster Club

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2017-2018 Athletic Booster Club form

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Thank you for your support of the Ed-Co Booster Club!

Thank you for your patience!

                            Week 1 Pro Pick Winners!                  
1st    Lee Horstman, Colesburg sold by David Horstman   110 points
2nd  Ben Dolan, West Des Moines  sold by Anna Dolan         109 points
3rd  Macy Streicher, Edgewood sold by Ethan Streicher    105 points
4th Bob Schaffer, Greeley sold by Haley Fitzpatrick  102 points


Week 2 Pro-Pick Winners!
                       1st  Diane Meyer, Edgewood sold by Jenny Lange 109 points
2nd James Rochford, Edgewood sold by Parker Rochford 107 points
3rd/4th tie Joyce Bries, Dyersville sold by Chezney Priem  106 points
3rd/4th tie Amy Wessel, Edgewood sold by Natalie Wessel 106 points
3rd/4th tie Brittany Vorwald, New Vienna sold by Ben Ernst    106 points
Week 3 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st Jane Galliers, Defiance, OH sold by Payton Rochford  116 points
2nd Craig Christian, Glasgow, KY sold by Payton Rochford 115 points
3rd Debra Schulte, Edgewood, IA sold by Parker Rochford 113 points
4th Judy Vorwald, Edgewood, IA sold by Jared Vorwald  112 points
Week 4 Pro-Pick Winners!

1st Haley Bergan, Edgewood sold by Dayne Bergan 119 points

2nd Curt Bockenstedt, St. Point sold by Madison Nurre 117points

3rd/4th Tie-116 points

            Laura Lewin, Greeley sold by Madison Nurre              

            Sam Ridenour, Arlington sold by  Logan Heims                 

            Dan Teff, Marion sold by Payton Rochford          


Week 5 Pro-Pick Winners
1st Troy Brown sold by Jake Jones, 111 points
2nd Catherine Simon sold by Dayne Bergan, 107 points
3rd Mike Schmitz sold by MacKenzie Schmitz, 106 points
4th Annette Knipper sold by Carson Knipper, 102 points
Week 6 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st Peggy Schilling sold by Sam Schilling, 126 points
2nd Melissa Shumann sold by Logan Heims, 121 points
3rd Brittany Vorwald sold by Ben Ernst, 115 points
4th James Rochford sold by Parker Rochford, 114 points
Weeks 1-6 Cumulative Winner 

Jolene Niehaus sold by Payton Rochford, 512 points

Week 7 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st Dan Small sold by Payton Rochford, 112 points
2nd Jess Aulwes sold by Ella Aulwes, 107 points
3rd Tammy Kirby sold by Carson Kirby, 105 points
4th Nicole Bahls sold by Max Bahls, 104 points 
Week 8 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st Tyler Payne sold by Walker Schulte, 119 points
2nd/3rd place  tie with 114 points
Jim West sold by Kal Hoeger,
Brian Hess sold by Payton Rockford
4th Mark White sold by Mikayla Thein, 113 points
Week 9 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st Cliff Payne sold by Walker Schulte, 126 points
2nd Jay Funke sold by Riley Preuss, 122 points
3rd/4th place tie with
Brad Aulwes sold by Ella Aulwes, 119 points
Edgewood Vet Clinc sold by Chandler Saddoris, 119 points
Week 10 Pro-Pick Winners! 
1st Mike Schmitz sold by MacKenzie Schmitz, 125 points
2nd/3rd/4th place tie with
Jerome Moser sold by Walker Schulte, 122 points
Vicky Salow sold by Ethan Streicher, 122 points
Brad Streicher sold by Ethan Streicher, 122 points
Week 11 Pro-Pick Winners! 
1st Doug Brown sold by Ethan Streicher, 125 points
2nd Scott Bahls sold by Max Bahls, 124 points
3rd Jim West sold by Kody Hoeger, 123 points
4th Edgewood Vet Clinc sold by Chandler Saddoris, 119 points
Week 12 Pro-Pick Winners! 
1st Laura Lewin sold by Madison Nurre, 100 points
2nd John Pape sold by Elise Pape, 99 points
3rd Ben Putz sold by Conner Putz, 95 points
4th place tie with 94 points
Roxanne Ad-Idani sold by Wyatt Rowcliff
Jeff Neuhaus sold by Payton Rochford
Carrie Funk sold by Cael Funk
Weeks 7-12 Cumulative Winner with 590 pts!
Eileen Andersen sold by Rose Heuchelin
Week 13 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st Amy Wessel sold by Natalie Wessel, 120 points
2nd Tyler Seeley sold by Ike Jones, 117 points
3rd Christal Sullivan sold by Abbie Sullivan, 112 points
4th Steve Brady sold by Maddy Streicher, 111 points
Week 14 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st Lisa Barnhart sold by Kenzie Barnhart, 117 points
2nd/3rd place  tie with 108 points
Steve Lange sold by Ethan Staner
Brett Streicher sold by Ethan Streicher
4th Austin Hansel sold by Ethan Streicher, 107 points
Week 15 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st Jacob Moats sold by Kelsi Askland, 118 points
2nd Brady Helle sold by Bailey Helle, 110 points
3rd Sara Friedmann sold by Riley Ashline, 108 points
4th place tie with 106 points
Amy Wessel sold by Natalie Wessel
Dustin Ernst sold by Ben Ernst
Spencer Varner sold by Payton Rochford
Week 16 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st Jason Wessels sold by Jacob Wessels, 101 points
2nd Natalie Lange sold by Spencer Staner, 100points
3rd Jim Fannon sold by Hope Mather, 97 points
4th Jim West sold by Kody Hoeger, 96 points


Week 17 Pro-Pick Winners!
1st Jeff Bente sold by Emma Pape, 100 points
2nd Becky Wulfekuhle sold by Sophia Wilson, 97 points
3rd Josh Heims sold by Logan Heims, 96 points
4th Steve Lueken sold by Jill Lueken, 95 points


Weeks 13-17 Cumulative Winner w/ 441pts:

Susan Schmelzer sold by Bailee Helle


Thank you for your support of the Pro-Pick fundraiser for the 2017-2018 NFL season! Thanks for your support of the Ed-Co Booster Club!





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